Accessing Information On-Demand. What You Need to Know.

The security of Personal Identity Information (PII) is an ever-growing problem and whilst convenient, the use of technology is not without its risk. This infographic explains how data can be intercepted and why cybersecurity strategy and IT policies are essential to safeguard yourself and your wider organisation.

Hardware Applications – Universal Gateway

Integrating into Third-Party Products or Systems Star2M’s new and revolutionary Universal Gateway includes the ability to integrate a third-party product into a system. It is connected via GPIO or MODBUS, enabling wireless control via SATCOM to Star2M to control and monitor. Watch the application video now to learn more 

The Differences Between SATCOM and GSM Made Easy

To help you choose which technology is right for your organisation and to learn where the technology trend is heading, take a look at our latest infographic below. Contact one of our representatives today for a friendly chat and discover how Star2M can unlock the power of your asset monitoring, control and maintenance.