Aviation Solutions

Aviation Assets include solar-powered and fixed wired airfield, heliport and obstruction lights, and other equipment designed to guide, land and protect aircrafts safely. Monitoring the performance of this equipment is essential to reduce the risk of product failure, and can proactively alert personnel in the event of potential issues.

The Star2M® platform offers customers a suite of applications designed to support their Asset management life-cycle. This gives all of your departments – from Asset owner, installer, manager, maintainer – a single common view of all Assets.

Star2M® is compatible with a wide range of telemetry types. Since Star2M® is partnered with Iridium® for its satellite connectivity, it can provide the reliable, high-integrity data customers require. Star2M® stores performance history, alarm conditions, maintenance records, Asset reporting, and many other features that vastly improves access to information and client efficiency.

Airfield managers can now file maintenance reports on portable devices and send them straight to the cloud.

Asset owners who are required to report on their obstruction Assets can now monitor, maintain and report their Assets, delivering critical information back to base.

Backed by the Iridium® satellite network, users can receive an immediate notification of Assets that move from their desired location.

Your data is protected by military-grade AES-256 encryption. Asset data is stored within the long term, high-integrity archive.