Star2M Release Notes

Below is the latest release information for Star2M. For more information about this product, read the Star2M product overview.

R1.6.3 (Current)

This Star2M update contains the following:

  • Addition of the ‘Alarm Configuration’ feature to allow the primary user to customise untitled alarms (for use with UGW and RMU products)
  • Country code for Mobile phone numbers and GSM numbers are now shown correctly and retained in the system
  • GPS coordinates of the Asset location are now displayed in the ‘Geolocation’ column in the ‘Real Time Data’ tabs, as well as the Data Updates modal window
  • Empty values for Load Current and Charge Current are now shown as ‘Unknown’ in the data updates modal window, the ‘Real Time Data’ tab and the ’24 Hours Data ‘ tab
  • Fixed bug regarding the ‘Charge-Instantaneous’ value being shown in the ‘Max Charge-24hr’ column in the ’24 Hour Data’ tab
  • Fixed Voltage scaling on the Y-axis of the graphs in the ‘Real Time Data’ and ’24 Hours Data’ tabs
  • Resolved system error issue when creating Asset Groups
  • ‘Max Control Msgs’, ‘Alarm Reports’ and ‘Batch Enabled’ parameters have now been removed from the ‘Data Plan Subscription Details’ modal window
  • Resolved issue with ‘Export to Excel’ function for both the ‘Real Time Data’ and ’24 Hours Data’ tabs

This Star2M update contains the following:

  • Updated mapping engine (Esri)
  • Added a fixed toolbar menu at the top of the ‘Map View’ page which provides the following:
    • Ability to add/remove/name custom place markers for Assets
    • Option to select Layers
    • Option to select Assets or Asset Groups
    • Scaled measuring tool with option to add/clear measurements. Nautical Miles, Kilometers, Meters and Centimeters available as units
    • Option to select a base map type
    • Ability to show labels
  • Customer place marker is now shown as a yellow push-pin on the ‘Map View’
  • Addition of a fixed pane on the right-hand side of the ‘Map View’ page which includes the following:
    • List of Assets and Asset Groups with immediate visibility on which ones have active alarms
    • Aggregated values of asset current and battery voltage with an option to expand into full-scale graphs
    • Asset summary which shows ‘Active Alarms’ and ‘Last Update Received’ as well as the option to show Watch Circles and Asset Trails
    • Ability to view the Assets within an Asset Group via a scrollable table with a ‘Fly to target zoom’
    • Ability to search for a particular Asset
    • Addition of a ‘View Full Asset Detail’ tab to view Asset information such as Asset ID, Name, Group, Classification, Type, GSM/IMEI number, Installation Date and Update information
  • Updates to the ‘Subscription’ page which include:
    • Ability to make group payments in situations such as adding a number of satcoms units and selecting ‘Pay Later’
    • Ability to upgrade/cancel a subscription
    • Handling of lapsed/expired subscriptions
    • Upgrade of data packages using vouchers
  • Incorporation of ‘Operation Mode’ and ‘Intensity Level’ into the ‘Asset Reporting History
  • Fixed issue regarding the setting of an Asset location on the ‘Map View’ by entering coordinates in degrees and decimals or using the pushpin
  • Organisation of Asset data into ‘Real time’ and ’24 hour’ on Asset Reporting History