Star2M Release Notes

Below is the latest release information for Star2M. For more information about this product, read the Star2M product overview.

R1.9.3 (Current)

The Star2M R1.9.3 Star2M update contains the following:

  • Added ability to create maintenance reports within the Star2M web application via the ‘Create Report’ button on the ‘Reports’ tab.

The Star2M R1.9.2 Star2M update contains the following:

  • Fixed bug regarding GPS Station ‘Coordinates’ only being displayed in UTM format when user profile preference set to DMS.

The Star2M R1.9.0 Star2M update contains the following:

  • Addition of device ‘Poll Status’ feature to fetch the latest status of Satcom monitored assets using an Advanced Two-Way data plan.
  • Fixed bug requiring browser refresh to properly display ‘Custom Markers’ as well as when switching between the ‘Place Marker’ and ‘Remove Marker’ functions.
  • Resolved issue with ‘Sync Offset field’, when a command is sent to a Satcom asset to update the Sync Offset value, the new value will be shown in asset update once received in the Star2M web portal.
  • Fixed issue regarding asset group deletion. Asset group name is now shown in the confirmation banner once delete.
  • Resolved issue regarding the display of static assets on the map view. When coordinates are manually entered in the ‘Location’ fields of the static asset, the location now appears on the map view.

The Star2M R1.8 update contains the following:

  • Addition of the User Roles and Associations functionality:
    • A user with appropriate permission is able to customize access to chosen system tabs, sub-tabs, functions, Assets and Asset Groups by creating roles. These roles are then assigned to other users within the Star2M account, thereby limiting their access to the scope of the assigned role
    • Addition of the ‘Roles’ sub-tab under the ‘Account Management’ tab in the left-hand side menu. This allows users with appropriate permission to view, create, edit and delete roles
    • Addition of the ‘Role’ field at the user profile level allows users with appropriate permission to assign, view and edit roles of other users
    • A user can be assigned either a system level predefined role or a customized role
    • The three predefined system-level roles are; ‘Administrator’, ‘Operator’ or ‘User’. Each pre-defined role has preset access settings which cannot be changed
    • The Primary Star2M user is automatically configured with the system level, pre-defined ‘Administrator’ role. This cannot be changed
    • Roles can be created and assigned only by users with appropriate permission
    • Multiple ‘Administrators’ can be added to the same Star2M account
    • The primary account holder as well as users with appropriate permission will receive email notifications regarding upcoming Account expirations
    • Users with appropriate permission are able to edit the email addresses of other users in the system at the User Profile level
  • Asset Group refactoring. Changes to Assets and linked groups are now carried through to applicable group hierarchies correctly
  • Fixed issue regarding Asset symbols not showing on the Map when navigating from the Alarm Log to the Map View
  • Changed font used on the map in Map View so that it is easier to read
  • Resolved issue regarding GPS Station. Once a command is sent to change the GPS Station location on the Device Control page, the location field is now updated correctly
  • Asset deletions are now carried through to Asset Updates, Total Assets and Recent Updates sections on the Dashboard
  • Fixed issue regarding voucher redemption for ‘Save and Pay Later’ Satcom Assets
  • Resolved issue regarding upgrades via credit card for accounts that were initially purchased via voucher
  • Classifications are now deleted correctly if the linked Assets have been deleted as well
  • Fixed issue regarding Alert Profiles and SMS credits

The Star2M R1.7.6 update contains the following:

  • Updated Subscription Management System which includes the following:
    • Processing of Asset Subscription renewals, upgrades and downgrades
    • Processing of Data plan renewals, upgrades and downgrades
    • Processing of SMS credit bundles
    • Future account transactions
  • Resolved issue regarding system memory build up while using Map View functionality

The Star2M R1.7.5 update contains the following:

  • Resolved issue regarding expansion of nested Asset Groups
  • Fixed issue regarding the portal/API not sending alarm notifications to the Star2M app once an alarm is triggered
  • Issue regarding Asset search being stored between different Star2M accounts has been resolved
  • Payments made for ‘Save and Pay Later’ Assets from the ‘Pending Subscription Payments’ tab are now processed correctly
  • The following updates have been applied to the ‘Pending Subscription Payments’ tab:
    • Asset Data Plans will be displayed here once it has reached 30 days before its renewal date. The data plan can be renewed from here using a voucher or credit card. If payment is completed before the current renewal date, the new renewal date will be extended accordingly
    • The user is able to purchase a data plan for ‘Save and Pay Later’ Assets from here using a voucher or credit card
  • The following updates have been applied to the ‘Expired Subscriptions’ tab:
    • Inactive Assets (Asset Data Plans within 30 days post expiry) are now displayed here
    • The user is able to reactivate the Asset Data Plan from here using a voucher or credit card
  • Data Plans are now shown for Asset Data Plans on the ‘Satellite Data Plans’, ‘Expired Subscriptions’ and ‘Pending Subscription Payments’ tabs regardless of whether they are active, inactive or deactivated
  • Asset duplicates are no longer shown in the Star2M mobile application

The Star2M R1.7.4 update contains the following:

  • Addition of notification emails to notify the Primary Account Holder when a data plan is going to expire. The first email will be sent 30 days before data plan expiration, and will repeat at separate intervals up until 1 day before expiry.
  • When entering a username in the Star2M Web Portal, warning messages are no longer shown to indicate whether a username already exists in the system. This applies to the following situations:
    • Password Reset
    • Star2M Account Registration. If an individual attempts to register a Star2M account using an already registered username, an email notification will be sent to the existing user email
  • The Star2M Web Portal has now been configured to work with https only. If is entered into a browser, the browser will automatically redirect to
  • If a data plan is renewed before its renewal date, the next transaction date will now be extended accordingly
  • Fixed issue regarding data plan renewals via voucher redemption
  • Fixed issue regarding the ‘Pay Now’ button during voucher redemption
  • Fixed issue regarding the absence of data updates for Assets in groups without a watch circle
  • The Star2M web portal no longer receives Watch Circle Alarms if the particular Watch Circle has been disabled or if the Asset has been taken out of service. This applies to both GSM and Satellite enabled Assets
  • Fixed issue regarding the absence of Watch Circle Alarms for GSM enabled Assets

The Star2M R1.7.3 update contains the following:

  • Addition of new messaging API service to receive and process messages from Assets
  • Timestamp showing the date and time at which an alarm was acknowledged is now shown in the Alarm Log
  • GSM alarms can now be selected in the Alert Profile list and associated alert emails can now be received once triggered
  • The portal now processes all information contained within GSM web reports correctly and raises alarms as required
  • The GSM Alarm Configuration contained within the GSM Asset daily report now shows all enabled and triggered alarms correctly as specified in SMS messages sent from the GSM Asset
  • Fixed issue regarding GSM reports not being received by the portal if the daily report contains foreign characters
  • The ‘Set IMEI’ button is now disabled once the Satcoms asset is created within the portal. The user can no longer go back and change the IMEI from the ‘Edit Asset’ popup.
  • Fixed bug relating to long Group names distorting the Assets list
  • Fixed bug relating to unsolicited changes to static Asset locations in UTM coordinates
  • Alarm log screen is no longer distorted when the window is minimized to the left or right
  • The system now supports the addition of special characters such as #,%,?,\,/,+,*,=,- in the Asset name as well as the Asset search bar
  • Screens are no longer distorted regardless of Asset Name length



This Star2M update contains the following: 

  • Addition of the ‘Satellite Data Plans’ tab to the ‘Subscriptions’ tab in the left-hand side menu. This page shows a summary of all the IMEI numbers with their respective data plans registered under the Star2M account, including the ability to switch, upgrade or downgrade plans if required
  • The ‘Satellite Data Plans’ page displays the following fields:
    • ‘Asset name’
    • ‘IMEI Number’
    • ‘Subscription Type’
    • ‘Data Plan’ (with Current Subscription)
    • ‘Status’
  • Inactive IMEIs will be displayed with their associated data plans on the ‘Expired Subscriptions’ tab
  • Addition of data plan upgrades and downgrades. Each listed entry in the ‘Satellite Data Plans’ page has a data plan drop down menu that allows the user to upgrade or downgrade the current data plan if required
  • Addition of IMEI Swap function. For currently active data plans, the user is able to replace the current IMEI with a new, unused IMEI number via the ‘Swap IMEI’ function
  • Addition of email notifications to remind the user of upcoming data plan expirations. The user will receive an email notification every seven days and one day before expiry
  • Addition of customizable time zone settings via the User Profile page. This is carried through to the timestamp of alarms and updates shown in the portal, as well as the Data Plot and Asset Reporting History table.
  • The user has 30 days within which to purchase a new package or data subscription after the initial expiration date
  • If a data plan has not been reactivated for an asset within 30 days after the initial expiration, the asset IMEI and data plan will be deactivated and cleared. The status will be shown as ‘Inactive’ on the ‘Satellite Data Plans’ page
  • Addition of page refresh when user settings are changed
  • After deleting a GSM asset, the GSM number can be reused
  • An image can now be uploaded, changed or deleted for an asset via the ‘Asset Details’ page
  • Timing of daily reports is now synchronised as per the users’ local time instead of UTC
  • Names of asset groups are now limited to 251 characters. Any names that exceed the limit will be automatically cut to 251 characters when the asset group is saved
  • Names of assets are now limited to 150 characters. Any names that exceed the limit will be automatically cut to 150 characters when the asset is saved
  • Geolocation is now shown in the Alarm Report as per the users’ coordinate settings
  • Refactored payment processing for package and data plan subscriptions
  • Fixed bug regarding secondary users being able to register as a separate primary account holder. This is currently no longer possible
  • Secondary users can now be deleted from the primary Star2M account
  • Dates shown in the Asset Reporting history table now match with the data plot (Real Time and 24 Hours)
  • Alarms selected from the ‘System Alarms’ list in an alert profile are now shown with the ‘Global’ prefix
  • Fixed bug regarding email check, case sensitivity is now applied
  • Resolved issue regarding Star2M future renewals and changes in currency
  • Fixed bug regarding alarm counters between different browsers
  • The plots for real time data and 24-hour data now adjust correctly after a new date range is selected
  • Error message is no longer shown when a watch circle is disabled for an asset group
  • Fixed issue regarding carry-over of images between maintenance reports
  • Resolved issue regarding missing GSM configuration information
  • ‘Recent Updates’ list is now updating correctly
  • Location fields on the ‘Add Asset Group’ popup now update correctly when coordinate settings are changed
  • The asset search function can no longer be used for an asset that has been deleted
  • Fixed issue regarding Real Time Asset Reporting history table and the associated excel file. The dates now match
  • GPS Station coordinates now update correctly when the coordinate settings are changed
  • Help messages are now shown during the first step of user registration.
  • Resolved issue regarding credit card deletion
  • Updates from GSM Assets are now displayed in the dashboard and update log
  • Fixed issue regarding Alarm and report emails not being received for GSM assets
  • Fixed issue regarding duplicate asset names
  • Asset creation coordinates can now be manually entered in the location fields
  • Resolved issue regarding voucher transactions not showing in the Star2M account
  • Asset data received before the asset commissioning is still shown in the ‘Asset reporting history’ and data plot (Real time and 24 hours)

This Star2M update contains the following: 

  • Addition of the ‘Alarm Configuration’ feature to allow the primary user to customize untitled alarms (for use with UGW and RMU products)
  • Country code for Mobile phone numbers and GSM numbers are now shown correctly and retained in the system
  • GPS coordinates of the Asset location are now displayed in the ‘Geolocation’ column in the ‘Real Time Data’ tabs, as well as the Data Updates modal window
  • Empty values for Load Current and Charge Current are now shown as ‘Unknown’ in the data updates modal window, the ‘Real Time Data’ tab and the ’24 Hours Data ‘ tab
  • Fixed bug regarding the ‘Charge-Instantaneous’ value being shown in the ‘Max Charge-24hr’ column in the ’24 Hour Data’ tab
  • Fixed Voltage scaling on the Y-axis of the graphs in the ‘Real Time Data’ and ’24 Hours Data’ tabs
  • Resolved system error issue when creating Asset Groups
  • ‘Max Control Msgs’, ‘Alarm Reports’ and ‘Batch Enabled’ parameters have now been removed from the ‘Data Plan Subscription Details’ modal window
  • Resolved issue with ‘Export to Excel’ function for both the ‘Real Time Data’ and ’24 Hours Data’ tabs

This Star2M update contains the following:

  • Updated mapping engine (Esri)
  • Added a fixed toolbar menu at the top of the ‘Map View’ page which provides the following:
    • Ability to add/remove/name custom place markers for Assets
    • Option to select Layers
    • Option to select Assets or Asset Groups
    • Scaled measuring tool with option to add/clear measurements. Nautical Miles, Kilometers, Meters and Centimeters available as units
    • Option to select a base map type
    • Ability to show labels
  • Customer place marker is now shown as a yellow push-pin on the ‘Map View’
  • Addition of a fixed pane on the right-hand side of the ‘Map View’ page which includes the following:
    • List of Assets and Asset Groups with immediate visibility on which ones have active alarms
    • Aggregated values of asset current and battery voltage with an option to expand into full-scale graphs
    • Asset summary which shows ‘Active Alarms’ and ‘Last Update Received’ as well as the option to show Watch Circles and Asset Trails
    • Ability to view the Assets within an Asset Group via a scrollable table with a ‘Fly to target zoom’
    • Ability to search for a particular Asset
    • Addition of a ‘View Full Asset Detail’ tab to view Asset information such as Asset ID, Name, Group, Classification, Type, GSM/IMEI number, Installation Date and Update information
  • Updates to the ‘Subscription’ page which include:
    • Ability to make group payments in situations such as adding a number of satcoms units and selecting ‘Pay Later’
    • Ability to upgrade/cancel a subscription
    • Handling of lapsed/expired subscriptions
    • Upgrade of data packages using vouchers
  • Incorporation of ‘Operation Mode’ and ‘Intensity Level’ into the ‘Asset Reporting History
  • Fixed issue regarding the setting of an Asset location on the ‘Map View’ by entering coordinates in degrees and decimals or using the pushpin
  • Organisation of Asset data into ‘Real time’ and ’24 hour’ on Asset Reporting History