Marine Solutions

Marine Aids to Navigation (AtoN) includes marine buoys, solar powered marine lanterns, bridge lighting, high-precision Port Entry lights and other equipment to safely guide vessels into port. Monitoring the performance of this equipment is essential to reduce the risk of product failure, and proactively alert personnel in the event of potential issues.

Using the Star2m® platform, owners and maintenance providers can now remotely monitor and control their AtoN networks through a cloud-based secure portal and sophisticated mobile application.

Star2M® then consolidates all of these devices into a powerful asset management platform that stores performance history, alarm conditions, maintenance records, reporting, and many other features that vastly improves client efficiency and access to information.

Port & Harbour operators can now file maintenance reports on portable tablets and send them straight to the cloud.

Backed by the Iridium satellite network, users can receive immediate notification of navigation buoys that move from their desired location.

Government Lighthouse Authorities who demand remote monitoring and control of their navigational assets can now rely on the Star2M® platform to deliver critical information back to base.

Aquaculture operators have peace of mind knowing that alarm conditions which may impair the performance of a boundary marker are sent by email or SMS the moment they occur.