Remote Monitoring Unit - RMU

The RMU Complements a Suite
of Sealite Products

The strength and reliability of a GSM connection is subject to the condition and proximity to its land-based infrastructure. For regional, remote or off-shore locations GSM connection can be patchy or in some cases, completely void of any signal. This is a significant problem for asset managers trying to monitor and control their critical assets.

An increasing demand for satellite technology has seen it become more accessible and a more affordable option. Until now, satellite connectivity was only available on a suite of Sealite marine lanterns, embedded with an internal satellite module. The newly released Remote Monitoring Unit (RMU) now allows users to upgrade to satellite connectivity on a much larger range of products.

The Remote Monitoring Unit (RMU): A Plug and Play Device

The RMU is a standalone device allowing Sealite products with and external serial port to connect seamlessly to transmit data. The connection on the RMU is plug and play, so connecting the device to a marine lantern or light is easy. To begin transmitting data, the asset requires activation in the Star2M platform via it’s unique IMEI identifier.

What Sealite products can I use with the RMU?

The RMU is a great complementary product for Sealite’s long range marine lanterns, lights and solar power supplies. Currently it is compatible with Sealite’s range of:

Backwards compatibility for assets in the field

For those wishing to upgrade already installed assets, the RMU is backwards compatible provided that the Sealite product has an operational serial port. The RMU is retrofittable to any Sealite product with GSM provided that it has an available serial port.

What kind of data can I send or receive using the RMU?

The RMU supports single or bi-directional communication, configured within the Star2M platform. For users it can provide the following data:

  • Flash Code
  • Geolocation
  • Battery Voltage
  • Operational mode (Day/Night)
  • Charge current
  • Load current
  • Alarms
  • General purpose outputs for alarm monitoring (x2)

 What operational challenges does the RMU help to solve?

The RMU is perfect for customers currently using GSM networks to monitor and control their assets. For those trying to manage the phasing out of older GSM networks (2G, 3G etc), the RMU makes upgrading to satellite technology so much easier.

Asset connection for offshore or remote locations

The RMU can be paired with assets positioned in offshore locations or remote locations where the GSM coverage is poor due to limitation of the land-based infrastructure. Connecting via satellite will provide assured coverage by using Iridium’s industry leading low earth orbit network for communication anytime, anywhere irrespective of location.

How many assets can I connect to the RMU?

The RMU is designed to connect one monitored device. If you have multiple assets you wish to monitor, an RMU is required for each asset. For more complex systems, consult our solutions team, where the Universal Gateway (UGW) may be a better alternative.

What settings can I configure remotely using Star2M and the RMU?

  • Flash characters
  • Intensity
  • Dusk till Dawn, Standby, Always On
  • Off station Alarm
  • No GPS Alarm
  • LED Fail Alarm
  • Low Battery Alarm
  • Flat Battery Alarm
  • Alarm Configuration

Where can I find out more?

Visit the product page on the Star2M website or contact our support team.

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