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How to Access Asset Data Anywhere With SATCOM

Every day, people are leveraging powerful new space technologies to enrich their lives and keep connected. The field of satellite communications is constantly growing to meet this need, with companies competing to offer a diverse range of coverage.

According to a recent report by Deloitte, some companies are working to build and deploy “mega-constellations” of satellites. These constellations can be composed of thousands of satellites, each designed to bring internet services to businesses, schools, governments and individuals. This internet access is high-speed and affordable, no matter where you are in the world.

But will you be able to leverage these constellations for your asset management needs? The answer is simple: you already can.

Satellite communication (SATCOM) is now a cost-effective solution suitable for connecting your assets. These assets can be of any type, such as Aids to Navigation (AtoNs), obstruction or airfield lights.

Where asset management is heading

SATCOM asset management offers an alternative to GSM, which struggles to offer coverage in remote regions (See our comparison infographic).

As the world becomes more connected each day by satellite technology, it seems likely that more asset managers will see the benefit of this technology. It offers a way for asset managers to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and enhance the safety of their infrastructure networks.

What options are out there?

If you are after reliable, secure transmission of your asset data from anywhere on Earth, this service is available. Iridium Communications, the world’s only truly global satellite company, ensures constant connectivity in all applications, even those located in the most remote regions in the world.

The benefit of this global coverage is you can send and receive real-time data from your assets no matter where you are, as well as control and manage them. This allows you to know when an asset has moved from its set location, such as a possible theft. Because there are strict protocols requiring a high level of service availability, Iridium’s network can be relied on to gather information on your assets in real time.

By coupling Iridium’s satellite coverage with Star2M – a dedicated asset management platform – you can identify and resolve issues before failure occurs (such as a low battery, LED failure, or movement outside of a set area).



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