Asset monitoring and control in a contactless world

Our world has changed rapidly in the past few months. Isolation and social distancing have meant changes to the way we live, and the way routine tasks are undertaken.

The changes to the aviation world have been extreme. According to a recent article in The New York Times1, airline passenger traffic is down 94% in the United States. Major building projects are set to decrease as remote working allows employers to re-evaluate how they run their businesses.

As our world has now changed, how are you able to look after all aspects of your assets?

Remote asset monitoring and control. What is it?

The current environment now demands more business functions work remotely. This includes vital assets being managed, monitored, controlled and maintained using new methods to protect workers. Works will be done only when critical, with compliance and reporting moved to digital means where possible.

We understand this trend and have implemented our new Star2M platform. Following the change to the way we work, Star2M is an essential tool for your asset needs.

The Star2M platform offers you support for your asset management life-cycle. This gives all of your asset owner, installer, manager and maintainer a single view of all assets.

Star2M includes:

  • Asset Monitoring: Central data for health and status monitoring of your assets with real-time alarming and daily reporting.
  • Asset Control: Two-way real-time control for your compatible assets.
  • Asset Management: Assets of all types can be added into Star2M, with the ability to order and nest assets to suit your needs.
  • Asset Maintenance: Reduces your operational risk with proactive asset maintenance. Field-based report generation and scheduling synchronised to Star2M Portal.

How do I get connected?

Our new products are available with Satellite communication (SATCOM) and Global System for Mobile communication (GSM). We will also soon release a new product which connects to your existing device to communicate specific data to Star2M.

You can nominate who receives what information via the alerting or reporting profiles. This ensures the relevant data such as potential power disruption is communicated easily to you via email or SMS.

Want to know more?

Our Sales team would be happy to share more insights into how our products and solutions connect with Star2M. Get in touch to book a demonstration today.

To gain a greater insight into our Reporting functionality, join our upcoming webinar on Wednesday 22 July, “How to Maximise Your Reporting in Star2M”. Click here to register.


  1. The Airline Business Is Terrible. It Will Probably Get Even Worse. Niraj Chokshi, May 2020. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/10/business/airlines-coronavirus-bleak-future.html

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