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The Port of Yamba Pioneers Asset Monitoring via Star2M

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Founded in 1995, the Port Authority of New South Wales is a corporation owned by the State Government of New South Wales, Australia.

The Port Authority acts as harbour master at the State’s six commercial seaports, managing shipping movements, safety, security, and emergency response.

The Port of Yamba is located in the estuary of the Clarence River, on the State’s north coast, and is the easternmost port in mainland Australia.

Yamba Port NSW Aerial Image

Port of Yamba provides import and export facilities for the region, and it is the home port of NSW’s second-largest fishing fleet and supports a vibrant shipbuilding and repair industry.

Around 50 commercial vessels visit the Port of Yamba each year, overseen by the Newcastle Harbor Master.


Port of Yamba operations is controlled by a small team supporting Christopher Lunnon.

In early 2021, the team identified the need for monitoring the CAT 1 lanterns while also planning to replace some lanterns coming to the end of life.

The team identified three primary goals:

1. To enable the operations/operational team to anticipate any due maintenance or battery replacement with a focus on voltage. Currently, as CAT 1, lantern lights must be fixed within 24 hours.

2. Port of Yamba needed to effectively manage battery replacement to ensure light performance would not be impacted. Reporting failing batteries while lights are still operational is a prime example of this.

3. From wild weather to reckless fishermen, they wanted to predict and prevent risks along with the ability to schedule maintenance work and allocate the workforce to the job promptly.


PANSW (Yamba) currently has a total of 17 monitored assets.

A combination of:

  • SL-510 SA (stand-alone),
  • SL-C510 Self-Contained,
  • SL-C310 SatCom lanterns; and
  • an additional two LED leading lights (SL-48 and SL-96) are soon to be upgraded to SatCom.

The SL-C510 is the first small form factor 5-9NM lantern in the mid-range space incorporating two-way global satellite technology, OLED display, Bluetooth® connectivity, and exclusive monitoring and control options via the Iridium® satellite network.

The SL-C310 series is a robust, completely self-contained 3-5NM+ Solar LED marine lantern. They are designed to be maintenance-free, installed in minutes, and have a service life of over 15 years.


Port of Yamba has pioneered monitoring and control by selecting Satellite connectivity through Star2M, to enable them to bring the management of all their marine assets together into a single hub.

From Star2M they can control and monitor their assets as well as manage the maintenance scheduling and reporting from one single platform. Star2M gives them the ability to manage the entire asset management life-cycle.

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