Case Study

Huon Uses Star2M to Keep Waterways Safe

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Huon Aquaculture is one of Australia’s largest salmon producers. Its operations span from hatcheries and marine farming, to harvesting and processing.

Huon is accountable for managing its on-water infrastructure so it does not impact other waterway users.

If their markers ever were to stray from their designated zones, or were improperly marked, they could pose a hazard to others.

To stop this from happening, Huon looked into a system that could track and monitor their on-water equipment.

They were after an easy-to-use solution that would seamlessly interface with their existing infrastructure.

The Solution

For their solution, Huon chose Star2M. With Star2M, they gained access to a secure, cloud-based asset monitoring solution.

Star2M is powered by Iridium, the Low Earth Orbit Global Satellite service. With it, users can receive immediate notifications of any assets that move from their desired location.

With Star2M, you can communicate effectively with different departments and contractors.

You also have oversight into what maintenance has been performed and checked. You can see when tasks are responded to, what state your assets are in, and plan maintenance.

The Outcome

With Star2M, Huon is now able to track assets around their aquaculture leases, specifically their corner markers. They can make sure these markers are correctly flashing and in the right location.

This helps keep other waterway users safe by making sure their assets never stray outside of their tight watch circles.

“Star2M tracks our corner markers so we now have reassurance that they are correctly flashing and are where they should be,” said Leigh Savage, Assistant Manager- Farm Operations.

“Having this system in place means that if there is a problem, we can get onto it straight away which is exactly what the public expects of us.”

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