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Success and Growth – Celebrating 10th Anniversary of Sealite USA

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Tilton, New Hampshire, USA – November 5, 2020 – Sealite USA began operations in 2010 as a small, regional distributor of buoys in the United States. Today, the Tilton, New Hampshire company helps the largest vessels safely navigate into harbors, and commercial and military planes and helicopters safely land. With the vision of being the global leader of technologically advanced navigation aids through its people, process, and commitment to quality, Sealite USA will celebrate 10 years of operation and success on November 1, 2020.

Today, Sealite USA manufactures three different product lines for sales throughout the North, South, and Central America to improve customer safety and efficiency across land, air, and sea. Avlite products improve the safety of aviation and include portable, temporary, and permanent airfield, obstruction, and helipad lighting. The Sealite product line includes aids to navigation to improve the safety of maritime operations and activities. Sealite products include marine buoys, lanterns, lighthouse beacons, bridge lights, dam and dredge floats, and mooring buoys. Sealite USA’s third and newest brand is Star2M. It provides GSM and satellite-based, asset management for Avlite and Sealite products.

Sealite marine products were initially handled by a distributor in the early 2000s. When it became apparent that the Americas held the largest growth opportunity for the Australian-based manufacturer, Sealite USA was formed. The company began operations from a small, Gilford, New Hampshire warehouse. A move in 2013 to a larger facility provided enhanced manufacturing capabilities and room for additional equipment, including a rotational molding machine for buoy production. A 2018 acquisition enabled Avlite to offer complete airfield lighting solutions for government, civil, and defense aviation authorities around the world. Avlite recently landed a $50m U.S. Air Force contract for Avlite’s High Mobility Airfield Lighting (HMALS).

Sealite USA’s three brands are recognized as some of the most innovative, high quality, and reliable in their respective markets. The company employs 34 employees and has an additional sales office in Cartagena, Colombia, SA. Customers include all branches of the U.S. Department of Defense, South American defense and coast guard authorities, state boating law enforcement agencies, private and public transportation authorities, and major international utility and marine construction companies throughout the Americas.

Tara Stewart has been Sealite USA’s President since late 2016. “Sealite USA rigorously develops, manufactures, and markets its product lines for balanced performance results. Our people, processes, and products have been at the heart of our company’s success from its foundation. We will continue to operate under the guiding values that have positioned us for a bright future.”

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