[Webinar] How to Maximise Your Reporting in Star2M

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Somerville, Victoria, Australia – 24 June 2020 – Star2M is providing a new in-depth webinar series to look into our asset management portal and maximise your experience. Join us on Wednesday 22 July at 10 am UTC+10, 8 pm UTC-4, 5 pm UTC-7 for our first webinar, beginning by helping you to maximise your reporting usage.

Star2M has designed an informative webinar series specifically for current and potential customers and our distributor partners. The webinar will assist you in understanding how to use Star2M to its full potential.

The Star2M webinar will look at:

  • Introduction and Star2M overview
  • Reporting overview
  • An in-depth look into Maintenance, Data Usage, Alarm Log, and Update Log sub-sections.
  • A sneak preview about what is coming next for Star2M.

The Star2M Webinar will be hosted by the energetic Michael Walker, Head of Global Sales and Marketing. He will introduce Star2M and give a brief overview of the portal.

“Our distributors and customers are quickly adopting our Star2M portal to monitor and control their assets. We are committed to assisting users, current and future, in achieving the most out of the Star2M portal. This webinar series will take a look into each major section of Star2M over the coming months, beginning with reporting functionality. Each webinar will provide detail and improved usage of Star2M.” said Walker.

Presenting the in-depth technical overview of the reporting functionality will be Wade Evans, Product, Project and Solutions Manager for Aviation and Digital with Prianka Naidu, Technical Product Coordinator – Aviation and Digital assisting with the reporting sub-sections.

You will receive a Certificate upon your completion of our reporting webinar. Stay up to date at www.star2m.com for the rest of the webinar series.

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