Remote Monitoring Unit


The Remote Monitoring Unit (RMU) is a connectivity device that allows products without internal telemetry hardware to still be able to transfer data and communicate with an overarching control and monitoring or asset management system. As a result, the product is able to be remotely monitored, managed, maintained and controlled by asset owners. Designed to perfectly integrate and supplement Avlite products, the RMU is able to receive data from a connected lantern (and power supply) and transfer this to a high-level control and monitoring system such as Star2M using its Satcom interface connected through Iridium.

When connected with Star2M, the RMU supports bi-directional communication, meaning that commands can also be sent back to the connected product for control or monitoring purposes. As standard, the RMU supports a minimum of four discrete IOs via general purpose inputs (2) and outputs (2). The SATCOM interface supports the transmission of a minimum of two generic alarms which the user can then map to the two general purpose inputs via a customised alarm configuration in the Star2M Web Portal.

The RMU is available as a complete, standalone mechanical assembly and supports either a low current or high current variant.

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