Vicki Martin

Quality Assurance Manager


Sekaran Amirthalingam joined Sealite in 2013 as the Quality Assurance Manager. He has maintained an emphasis on process through the development of the Sealite Quality Management System. A Certified LEAN Practitioner, he has been key to supporting 5S and LEAN manufacturing. Sekaran has also been vital in launching the Sealite Document Control process. He manages the maintenance of our excellent record of conformance to ISO 9001:2015.

Sekaran’s education began with technical training in tool making in India. He continued study with a Bachelor of Business Administration at Madras University. This blend led to his job as a Tooling Engineer at NTTF Industries. As the largest commercial toolroom in India, Sekaran serviced the automotive, electronics, defence and white goods industries.

Sekaran moved to Australia and studied a Masters of Business Administration at Deakin University (Melbourne). His focus on Strategic Management and Supply Chain Logistics aligned with his previous role as a Quality Assurance Manager. He helped gain consistent quality of Australian car parts.

Sekaran spends his spare time gardening. He is active, enjoying many water sports, including swimming, and has a love of the beach and the ocean.