Matthew Procter

Plastics Manager


Matthew Procter holds the role of Moulding Department Manager at Sealite. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the business with twenty-eight years’ experience in the plastics industry. Matthew oversees the Rotational and Injection moulding divisions.

Matthew holds a Diploma of Engineering in Polymer Technology. He has been directly involved with Sealite for the past twelve years. In previous roles, he was responsible for Injection Moulding operations for the electrical, automotive and consumer goods industries.

He has extensive knowledge of engineering polymers, injection moulding tool design and rotational moulding design concepts. This knowledge is used to contribute to the development and production of quality moulded products for Sealite navigation beacons and buoys.

Matthew’s key initiatives include the establishment of the Rotational Moulding and Injection Moulding divisions in Australia. These manufacturing sites allow Sealite to tailor their product ranges to suit local requirements.

Outside of work, Matthew has a passion for scuba diving and underwater photography. He also enjoys bush walking and drone photography.